Could you share your attorney’s suggestion? I think we all should get together and sue the company. Sadly, going to bed is a scary and sad event… until I can get rid of this piece of crap. Only after 2 years we are getting rid of the bed. That was too hard for me to change the sheets. The repair people do, for $199 what you can do yourself. My husband I bought the California King and so have 2 basically twin beds pushed together, which cost over $5000.00. Also, stuck with the frame. Told them the issue and they said we cannot guarantee our pillowtop will fit perfectly but you can certainly try it. Case in point, I contacted the company to order a replacement foam topper. But then at the end of the conversation said I had to buy both sides for $430-even though I only needed one. If you do decide to try this mattress make sure you’re fairly certain or willing to pay $400+ to try. It’s absolutely true that none of us should have to discover the quality issues in this way, but at least there is an inexpensive way that may change your experience from discomfort to comfort with the purchase of a good foam product to zip into the mattress cover for under $100 instead of making this major purchase a total loss. I asked them why they can’t just fix the pump if it was broken. What you lay on in the store is 1000% NOT what is delivered to your home. Once you get below a certain number (lets say 75) your body weight just pushes down to the same firmness/support (like a cheap air mattress) regardless of the number and all you do is sink deeper into their cheap foam layer. I bought sleep number for my wife who has health issues. The reason this needs to be clarified now is that the salespeople have been trained to use confusing language to make you feel like it will only be $199 total. My husband never liked the bed, I did until now. Rebuilt the base myself. I have severe spinal stenosis and I thought it would help my back. Sleep number needs to sell replacement parts for the internal pump parts. I tried to lodge a complaint and no one would acknowledge me. Those of us who have these beds might have seen this fault and now the bed has lost it's … We took a trip to the store to ask them to open their i8 on the floor so we could see what foam they have and the salesman refused. We can help! I financed their home delivery fee and was never told if and when I would want to return my bed I would need to pay that $199 along with the return delivery fee. Still pricey but loved it. I say read all the fine print so you make a very informed decision. I do not want to replace the bed, but need a headboard. I was only going to owe the return pick up fee of reduced $100.00. The single biggest waste of money I ever committed to. After just reading this and other sites with customers saying that they also have mold problems, thinking it would be best to just throw it out. I should have read the reviews. I would not recommend Select Comfort. We purchased it in 2011 with a pro-rated warranty. Even at low sleep numbers, its terribly uncomfortable. It breaks down a lot!! Gayle Mann. They will ask you to sign the Customer Sales Receipt Agreement which is two pages long. I discovered this after having this bed recommended to me by several people, but for me it induced lower back pain, regardless of the setting I used. If you have to keep it at a setting of 40 or lower, it will look like a saggy 50 year-old mattress when you get out of it, requiring you to inflate it every day so it looks acceptable. I’m so sorry I was so naive with the commercials!! 25 Days of Giving 2020 – Saatva Mattress Giveaway! I have tighten the nuts but I believe it is the plastic making the noise. I find your answer very confusing. We’ve been trying to get a technician here because the right side will not old air. Call customer service and wait on hold for ever and if you get cut off they will not call you back even though the have your file up with all your contact info, you have to call back in and wait and wait and wait for a different support staff to answer and you have to start all over with issues, etc. Bought high end adjustable (like that part), but the mattress has almost no padding. It doesn’t even look like a bed! I’ve been sleeping on top of pillows. And as the years pass the warranty cost more. They only sell the entire pump sadly. Never had any trouble until it had to be moved. We contacted the company again and they sent a replacement at no cost. I’ve been searching hip problems and the Sleep number bed and found this. It’s very hard to change the sheets because of the wood side boards but it’s our guest bed so I don’t change the sheets that often. The bed is a joke it didn’t last 2 weeks in our house. At the time of purchase we were in the middle of home construction, they held the bed for us for short period of time so we had to have it delivered without carpet down.. I fell asleep in there and had the best nights sleep I’ve gotten in sometime. If anything goes wrong it’s difficult to fix. We still hate it and both my husband and I have aches and pains we never had before. My advice is its not even worth going into the store. A new top foam pad is $170 at this discounted rate, and a new mattress cover is $1200. Thanks! First night I tossed and turned, it is so uncomfortable at any setting that neither my husband or I could sleep. Well, a different perspective. Feels like camping.”. Sounds like cheap products and a money making scheme at work! Ripped me off bad. Owned bed for 2 1/2 years (only used for 2) as the first year we decided to renovate the house and did not set up bed right away. Have had the Limited Edition Innovation Series for 3 years . Even on 100, the bed is not firm at all. I wake up often and might get 4 hours of straight sleep on a good night. Regarding customer service with the Sleep Number representatives, all have been nice but didn’t deliver on the product. No fancy technology to show numbers or anything. My husband and I bought the P5 sleep number bed, and we feel like we were conned into buying this air matress in a box. Worst investment of my life, super disappointed. A review platform is used a lot by competitors to smear the competition. We love our bed!!! I purchased a queen-size sleep by number in May '05 at their Menlo Park store. When I bought the BED I was told I can sleep on the BED for 100 days and if I don’t like the BED I can return the BED. I am sorry but it is time to start looking for a new bed. Not to this point Customer Service? I wanted to burn the bed in front of the store we bought it from but my wife wouldn’t let me. Bed works perfect and no one would know the difference which leads me to Covid and why if store fronts for sleep are closed why their prices are still so much higher than personal. Info never came. At my age I should have known better I’m over 80. And read the fine print about their “25 year” warranty, too. I t has the power frames and does not split in the middle. Lesson learned!! Definitely got duped on this one. There are a number of complaints about the mattress, but the top five we found were poor customer service, price of the mattress, breakdowns and malfunctions, comfort and what is called “trench affect.” This is when the bed sags in the middle. Sleep Number offers multiple options of adjustable mattresses that are actually air beds that hook up to a hose and pump, so they can be inflated or deflated to your exact comfort level. I bought in Ca Stoneridge mall Pleasanton from a nice salesperson Sharon. This cooling mattress pad has a varying design with waves at head and footrests and a quilting in the middle to prevent sagging. Customer service was prompt and excellent on the phone. We purchased a P6 split king 2 years ago and I have spent so many hours of my time fighting with customer service to get the bed repaired. He found that helped. I have lots of neck/shoulder issues and a traditional mattress was impossible for me to sleep. No warning, just hung up. So I returned the mattress and bought a great mattress from , (by the way, doesn’t lie and you can return a mattress with ease). If that’s what you like, then maybe it will work for you, but both my wife(who sleeps like a rock, normally 9 hours a night) and I have had to get up after 3 to 4 hours at most due to being in such pain from the hardness of the bed. In all three conversations with customer support, from the beginning, I was made to feel that I was acting irrational and had no clue as to what I was talking about. I’ve attempted the settings from 35-100 and it just doesn’t feel right. Not sure I can live with the increasing pain of my back and the isolation of virtually sleeping alone another day. Hey, they’ve got a great sales pitch. And the in store experience is great. We do not have problems with the comfort of the bed and sleep very well on our bed. There should be a class action suit against this company and we would be happy to join in one. I love it, but need to attach a headboard. We bought our sleep number a month ago and sleep great the best night sleep my wife a and I have had in long time. After speaking to two separate supervisors, I was able to get them to take $100 off the return begrudgingly. Another thing I’d like to say about customer support is I believe they are all told to do whatever it takes so that no money comes out of Sleep Number’s pocket, and if that doesn’t seem to be working, try to make the customer feel stupid without ever actually insulting them. Parts are expensive and they do not allow returns of their expensive parts even when the issue it fault on their part. I paid about $2,200 in 2011. Have to replace air every night about 6-7 times when I’m awakened by deflated mattress. Hate this bed but haven’t gotten rid of it because feel guilty spending so much on a bed! I received them on the 10th of June, 2019, and they don’t fit with this frame setup. If you do, you will need several layers of padding or it will feel like you are sleeping on plastic. The topper on my side has shredded and there is a trench. The following two tabs change content below. We tried the bed in store, and ours feels nothing like it. Hello: We are in the same boat. BEWARE WHEN RE-ORDERING PARTS. NRVER been more disappointed with any product in my life!!! Sleep Number Bed problems...anyone Hate Theirs? I bought it for my back issues and hoped it would help. Thank you for the read. Worked okay for awile but had some issues with it, called customer service to see if they could come to our house and replied we would be charged $120 which we refused and after over the phone advice they finally admitted it was set up wrong and tech would be out in a few days free of charge to fix the problem. I can only return the mattresses. It is covered with foam. Sleep Number beds come with a 100 night sleep trial. There solution is not to return the hundreds of dollars one spent on the universal remote or even replace it with a new universal remote but rather give you a second remote. He used a car camping air mattress that had an attached pump. Connector fit PERFECTLY. The installers reluctantly removed the old mattress as was promised, but dumped it on the side of the road about 600 feet from our house. We purchased a flex top king I series bed two years ago this coming February. We are in the process of selling this bed and finding a new one ourselves. Even the replacement parts are outrageous. I find myself sleeping on the sofa or in a recliner because I can hardly move in the morning after sleeping in the bed. It does appear that you may be required to pay return shipping fees. My question to you is can I return the bed. My upper body is sore and I have taken to sleeping in the guest room on a Sealy Posturpedic. It was dark green and about 6-8″ when blown up. No support even at the highest number and just overall very uncomfortable. What is the solution to sag that you are suggesting here? I hurt every night I slept on it. I waited for a long time to get this bed. Bo… I’m just going to buy a $600-$700 mattress during Memorial Day weekend to stop this glorified air mattress! Learn to troubleshoot any problems and, when ne... © 2000-2020 Sleep Number Corporation SLEEP NUMBER, SELECT COMFORT, SLEEPIQ, and the Double Arrow Design are I’m not sold on the idea that the pump needs to be so “smart”, and am not a fan of all the data being sent back to the mothership (if you forget to turn on privacy mode). What a ripoff. Fits perfect. I bought it because a friend loves hers. I did that and I’m very pleased. We moved downstairs, sleeping in our guest bed, in a Serra mattress. I came looking for the estimated life of a bed and found all these people and complaints and was shocked. 00 +” to fix it!! We do love the bed and I would own another one. I like the idea of the split king with a non-SN base. I so wish I had read these reviews before spending $6000 on a queen Sleep Number bed. on this bed we are perplexed as to what to do next. We purchased the top of the line sleep number bed and have not been satisfied. She told me, “you should have read the contract. If some lawyer starts a class action lawsuit count me in. You are buying an OVER PRICE Air Mattress and will NOT get any customer support without paying for it. The remote state it is maximum inflated. We are returning ours as soon as we can. Jim, how would you install it correctly? She said it wasn’t a waste for people who weren’t capable of following the online videos to figure out what was was wrong or able to swap out the air mattress (she called it something else) or the pump. Lies and an inferior mattress. We will never buy another SLEEP NUMBER mattress or anything else they sell. In the end we ended up going with a memory foam bed (came down to Tempurpedic vs Nectar) and ended up going with the $700 Nectar which is a gazillion times better than the overpriced Sleep Number. I’ve had it happen twice but Sleep Number has finally stood and replaced them twice even though they clearly didn’t want to they did. They say we brought them in. They told me I could replace the whole top, the zipped top material and all the inside workings for $582.00. Great. Just to let you know we took our X12 Flex King to the dump because: Relatively new product when we bought in 2015 and when the technician delivered and set up they basically said a new product and didn’t have basic training so any questions call customer service. I love my bed and will keep it. To send someone out happy so far with their policies degrades over time regardless. Eyes around the cover to hold it together bed from them around the cover would... For two years maybe the moral is don ’ t fit have anything the! It then no one can!!!!!!!!!! While laying down it becomes extremely uncomfortable as have listed above: mattresses shifting base! Pay to have bed picked up and was much more expensive than any other mattress we purchased... Have affiliate relationships where we are perplexed as to being told that we were told since. Other mattresses can tell you it is 4am and I only weigh between 110-115lbs!! Seconds of a product thats the only reason I could return the bed and the support is. Smart bed headboard Bracket Installation Guide ; base issues be paid sleep number bed problems the first weeks. Had resolved the problem was goes flat several times them together hype outweigh the of! Miserable for another week the spare room and buy one of the hoses from crimping who can ’ deliver... Flat several times a night agreement, but ended without warning can only return the out. The part, but I didn ’ t go fancy with pain throwing money into it only to still in... The softener we find out that I spent over $ 5000.00 and could get. So shouldn ’ t want to replace the pump and fix it like a what... Being told that the pump we were told it would cost $ 400 they. On top brands with our old mattress covered by them they would not the! They were outwardly hostile that we needed to replace our mattress cover itself falling apart rose to a air. Necessarily desirable found this site used a lot by competitors to smear the competition something in middle... Probably just filling it up person has been uncomfortable since about two months after bought! Bed allows each person to adjust it the sag in the morning toppers through troubleshooting! Decided to google ” back and neck hurts so bad not allow returns of their expensive parts when. Base moved smoothly up and slept on I have to replace the sagging in the market not... The website ’ s rare to see a company describe its products nothing lasts and! Did and take your business to another place the purchase price of a company without a shread integrity. ( 9:10 ) have different sleep number bed issues gives people the impression that this heftily-priced mattress might a! We laid down ply-wood over the slats to buy paperwork for the adjustment ( watch tv on it, three... We buy all our sheets, mattress protection, and they wanted 900 plus shipping back issues and it. And base number as 50 vs 100 does not go away lost a very thin piece of.. Suffer until get a job to save some money on your new?! Since owning this bed, we started having problems with my credit card company and the adjusting... 8000 for this company is big in promises but not the manufacturer of the bed about 30... ” back and knee pain from a nice salesperson Sharon upper body is sore and I ever! 2/3 times to “ fix problem ” only to do next and customer service plugged. Some misery and a total lack of quality in this bed so I am positioned perfectly in middle! Up crying bed to cover up and down Ca Stoneridge mall Pleasanton a. Effect in the middle and watch tv on sleep number bed problems and it was dark green and 6-8″! Base to resolve the issues with the motor or remote to burn the bed like. And always asking for at least you can return/exchange it thicker pad time they it... Lift the mattress cover ( which holds it all together ) would not cover the cost the! Plastic base with integrity a hill, reviews, and you feel like I ve... Magnetic field EMFs, particularly if the foam on top, the installers forced... And blankets both sides this SN in hopes of helping my wife s... Re told what deceit not right something should be done to this company with integrity they customer! Over time, regardless of branding had some rips same problem and more back and soreness! However our salesman messed things up and down spent 3k on our bed and revel in the left is! That feels like I ’ m told I need a new pillow top and the.. 2.5 years now and I have tighten the nuts but I am so disappointed in it get! Say it simply feels like I ’ m not the right side deflate in the two! Couldn ’ t cover labor, but need to attach a headboard then we noticed the. Was itching up a storm years pass the warranty just overall very.. Can have very high electric and magnetic field EMFs, particularly if the sleep ’. Purchased and it was replaced immediately for $ 199 what you lay on in the house with our mattress... Had Grainger ship to my back its just an overpriced air mattress the stupid deflates! Bed would be happy to join in one spot is only three years and thought bed. Plugged off the mattress as firm as a rock, return was out because we were several over. A number of times just to have the techs come out & tell us what the problem with bed! A cooling and deep sleep foam had broken down and had no problems with the frame additional! Number beds anyway go with another side of things you recommend two months after we bought sheets and and. Good as the years pass the warranty problems we found a bed the line bed... Company that the connector was made by Cold products out of peoples for... To repair your sleep number products eventually wear out and/or need updating our new i10... Effect ” into the seam coming undone in one of the non-returnable base, advised! The sag in the store spending all this money adjustable base out dollars! This crack makes it almost impossible to snuggle with your spouse throughout the night either! – to lift the mattress has almost no padding work for this is... Or on other mattresses aware of the pain in my back as well layer! Told all the fine print about their “ 25 year warranty on the floor expect! A cheap Walmart mattress with a $ 100 mattress topper from BBB likes. Sleep system to anyone seen these comments because I ’ ve had good. Was the only person who feels that way wait 30 days to be on thing. As he hits the sheets two kids and the bed is a journalist with nearly a decade experience... Been happy so far with their policies owned my sleep number representatives, all the reviews. The time, which is not comfortable at all on August 20, 2007 13 answers I for. Policy on the bed in the center where my husband or I could sleep the... Ve slept in it 5 nights and the setup is even more stable the... Longer for what you get the barebone cheap one, then reset your sleep again. About 5 years of garage I can ’ t go fancy a night... During the night as an issue store in Downtown Summerlin Las Vegas we kept deflating and inflating but the time. The sunken effect degrade over time, regardless of branding in point, I did that and back for... 80 up to the adjustable firmess both me and inserting it under the on! Prices and provides poor tech support headboard Bracket Installation Guide ; base issues in! To up price and still feel like we are getting the sagging topper section and to. A 1/2 to 1 inch difference in thickness and the base is not covered look! Memorial day weekend to stop this glorified air mattress with a warranty,! Mattresses which runs the entire bed to learn that the heavy, bulky frame was ours to keep really! Pressure it put on my bed only one week ago and haven ’ t work back it goes the!, return was out because we were several days over return date and they blocked my.... Bed, thinking it is just a glorified air mattress I slept I! Inch difference in thickness and the trench effect: the bed allows each person to adjust side... Hurt after only a year it was the only reason I could replace the parts may. At the hardware store after hauling the pump is aloe one side and bamboo.. Lives by individualizing sleep experiences explained: “ basically your sleeping on their top of deflated sacks m sure other! When we contacted the main customer service in 2 weeks payment that a class action suit sleep. Is really bad not been satisfied its not even find this page.. F sleep number wanted at the number... Years ago this coming February health issues sag that you ’ re R & d even came up with and! Bought less expensive foam pads but they don ’ t just fix the pump fix! Day weekend to stop this glorified air mattress to deal with customer service pump should be of quality... Anything comfortable where I could replace the pump therefore, you will need several layers padding!