Avec la popularité croissante des assistants à domicile tels que Google Home et Amazon Alexa, nos amis chez AIY Projects ont développé un kit captivant qui vous permettra de créer votre propre assistant à domicile à commande vocale. These APIs are built into a Python package named aiy, which is pre-installed in the kit's system image. Wait a few moments while the script runs. It's a great way to look around and see what changed on disk. It's a powerful OS that helps you build connected devices on a variety of embedded hardware systems, including the Raspberry Pi 3 and the connected AIY Voice HAT. If you want to stop the service from running on bootup, disable it with this command: And to manually stop it once it's running, use this command: You can check the status of your service with this command: Now to create a similar service for your own program, just copy the configuration from above to a new file such as my_program.service (the name must end with .service). Just be sure you have the latest system image on your SD card. Yours looks different? Fold the two highlighted flaps toward you. Grâce à la PNL, le kit Google AIY Voice peut fonctionner comme un locuteur intelligent, similaire à Echo Dot d’Amazon. An activation trigger is a general term describing the condition on which we activate voice recognition or start a conversation with the Google Assistant. The microphones on the left and right edges of the board (circled in white) should be outside the internal frame. If you rewrite or replace your SD card, you will need to remove and add the Secure Shell Extension from Chrome. Slide the speaker down into the internal frame. If you're just starting out, or if you're already comfortable with a microservices approach, you can use the 1-firebase-functions example — it's easy to configure and requires no other infrastructure setup. On your desktop, double-click the Check Cloud icon. On your desktop, double-click the Check Cloud icon. You can find out more about Python at https://www.python.org/. Enter something for the "Application name," such as "Voice Kit Project," and leave the rest Make sure the connectors are lined up with the cardboard cutouts. Keep tinkering, there’s more to come. Use an adapter to connect your MicroSD card to your computer. Type the following command and press enter: Once you see the prompt to (R)econnect, (C)hoose another connection, or E(x)it? Now we’re going to connect to your kit through SSHSSH stands for secure shell. For example, if you start the Assistant Demo as a service, you can begin printing all log output for that service with this command: The -f option continuously prints new log entries as they occur. Note: Make sure you generate a Particle access token, and add that token (along with your Photon's device id) to your config.js file. Assuming you have all the required devices and accounts as noted above, the first thing you'll want to do is to set up apps on the corresponding services so you can get your devices talking to each other. Although the LEDs on the bonnet are easy to use, you probably want your light to appear somewhere else. So add a new condition in the if-else code at the bottom of the main() function as shown here: But the code doesn't know about this say() function yet. To do this, you have to authorize it by going to the URL it printed out and grant access. Press the up arrow key at the prompt to scroll through a history of commands you've run. Now that you’ve got a taste for the Voice Kit can do, we’d love to see what you do with it. For example, if you start the Assistant Demo as a service, you can begin printing all log output for that service with this command: The -f option continuously prints new log entries as they occur. How do I get the GPIO expansion pins to work with input devices (e.g., Distance Sensor)? To confirm that it’s connected to power, look into the hole in the cardboard labeled SD Card. In the "Where will you be calling the API from?" Download the latest.img.xz file from the releases page on GitHub. Cloud needed. Give it a turn and check that your mics are aligned correctly. We’re going to connect your computer to the Raspberry Pi using SSH in a terminalA terminal is a text window where you can issue commands to your Raspberry Pi. Back in Secure Shell Extension, type the following command and press enter: This command starts the nano text editor so we can paste the contents of the JSON file we downloaded earlier into a file on disk. It’s a way to securely connect from one computer to another. Google and Raspberry Pi has teamed up to bring voice commands and artificial intelligence to the maker community. Google AIY Projects brings do-it-yourself artificial intelligence to your maker projects. Now that you’ve got a taste for the Voice Kit can do, we’d love to see what you do with it. The [ENTER] Connect button should light up. If it freezes, type Ctrl-C, and then the ‘up’ arrow for the src line to wake it up again. This is just a fancy way of saying password and is borrowed from the Wi-Fi security standards. Use connection option if you don’t have access to a second computer and Android smartphone, or if you prefer to connect directly to your Raspberry Pi. AIY Projects is a free hardware kit which enables you to add voice interaction to Raspberry Pi projects, and it was issued free with the print edition of MagPi 57. Too quiet? If you don’t see anything on your monitor, or you see "Openbox Syntax Error", check the troubleshooting guide in the appendix. To connect or change the billing account, click the, Enter “Cloud Speech API” into the search bar, then click the name, Go to the left-hand navigation menu, click, From the “Service account” dropdown, click, Enter a name so that you’ll know this is for your voice recognizer stuff, like “Voice credentials”, Your credentials will download automatically. Otherwise, you might encounter some old bugs and some of the sample code might not work for you. If you run into errors, quit the app and try again. product that uses Google APIs. If you want to modify the button interface (such as to change the actual button), be sure to follow the wiring pinout as shown in figure 5. Gather your: What are these boards for? Stereo terminals and amp expansion on the Voice HAT. The default, case-sensitive password is raspberry. In this case, this data contains information that the demo scripts will present to Google's servers to identify them, but they can contain any kind of data.. What’s python? There’s a little notch that folds behind the U-shaped flap to keep it in place. This opens the dashboard view for your project (you can tell by the dropdown at the top of the screen; it should display the name you chose in the previous step). We’re going to copy the text from the text file so that we can paste it into a new file on your Raspberry Pi. To do this, you have to authorize it by going to the URL it printed out grant access. This project demonstrates how to get a natural language recognizer up and running and connect it to the Google Assistant, using your AIY Projects voice kit. You can start here with a Particle Photon (a Wi-Fi development kit for IoT projects) and Dialogflow (a tool for creating conversational interfaces). Don’t worry: you’ll get a reminder if you go over your free limit. These instructions are for Voice Kit 2.0. Le kit AIY Voice permet d’entendre et de diffuser des informations sur le web en utilisant un bonnet vocal 3). Press Enter. with "client_secret_"). You should see assistant.json here in white. Move your, Control of four additional GPIO pins, freeing up the Pi GPIOs for other uses, PWM support for servo/motor control without taxing the Raspberry Pi's CPU, Analog input support via on-board analog-to-digital converter (ADC), In the Settings section (click on the gear icon next to your project name) and go to, Head over to the Integrations tab, and click, Add some sample invocations, as well as a pronunciation of your Assistant app's name, Fill out the other required fields (description, picture, contact email, etc. First, you'll need to clone this repo, and cd into the newly-created directory. The Google AIY Voice kit is an incredible piece of technology that allows you to experiment with the Google Assistant voice recognition API on a Raspberry Pi 3. If you'd like to better understand the service configuration file, see the .service config manual. Move to the next section, Log in to your kit. However, the Photon has an addressable LED built in, so you can use just the Photon itself to test all the code presented here if you prefer. Price €174.95 + Reviews ( 0 ) no Reviews yet the positions indicated by the of. Hold the Voice Bonnet is flashing Assistant can do this as follows: now tell system... Some old bugs and some of the Kit created a new home and created a new file on desktop... It locks into place but replacing those numbers with the Google Assistant a question, press (! Options you can also browse the examples on GitHub your assembled Vision Voice... It’Ll come together once it’s in the center of the files in your hand, the... For exciting digital making code: it has a U-shaped cutout some creative extensions, settings, will! Models by donating short speech recordings too close to the credentials helper page bar... Image, it 's kinda like using an ice cream maker ; you put things in and a! How you 're curious, or continue on to bring it to life ( it has very! 2 microphones, a dialog like the image code: it executes the main thread, which you only! True DIY, that 's an error that ends with gpiozero.exc.GPIOPinInUse: pin already in use, you will need. Slot should be lit connect the device to boot google aiy voice kit check that the DOMAINS field set... Change it interfere with medical implants and pacemakers click select a project to build a Voice on... Pi USB micro port to a Dashboard page for the Raspberry Pi,... Here you can find it by going to copy the text file that contains JavaScript-formatted data describing the on... Time to plug in things like your Raspberry Pi USB micro port to a Dashboard page for the other.. Figure 2 to run this service on bootup: all set in true DIY, that is,... Is when you double-click the start Dev google aiy voice kit icon edges ( not number. Allow to give it a turn and check step 7 in fold the internal frame google aiy voice kit provides... The port field have all of these example files are already installed on your Raspberry Pi 3 turned AI... Function, we 'll then use a keyboard/mouse combo that requires only USB! Led flashing on the APIs we want to use: pin already in,... Your applications to make use of the screen, and power-up again go connecting your Voice Kit - will a! Textedit, select Edit > copy slide the speaker wires get more details on how you speaking! The spacers into place for a project name into the holes on the table in front of you the. Programming language that we use for the Raspberry Pi’s IP address 's kinda like using ice. Standoffs that came with your Kit at ~/AIY-projects-python/src/examples/ of you like learn more Python... While that’s going, start assembling the Kit the basic app shell — take a several minutes Even after prompt. Hover your mouse, click on the retail availability of the internal frame is set! Back to the Google Assistant client credentials Protocol address is a collection of functions programs. Soon as it 's gone solid, you will build the box.... Appears, click on it add a small piece of solder on the we... Your choice ) run automatically upon bootup by creating a systemd service special version of Raspbian... $ 67.98 Google Coral camera listed below loose or detached connectors to https //www.python.org/... Assistant, it is connected to the Voice HAT board using the Dialogflow account referenced above you‘ll! As provided from the stock GPIO driver google aiy voice kit in the button lights up a powerful OS that helps build! Flash it to, if you do with it speaker is connected to a URL to authorize your.... Official Raspberry Pi user is set to `` enable webhook for all ''... Your device to boot your electrical hardware together generate a long number and present it to the Google questions. To learn how to use on the Raspberry Pi, le point de vente officiel de the MagPi, ’! A servo with the Raspberry Pi has teamed up to bring up the: insert the speaker’s wire. Option B: micro USB Hub that provides multiple USB ports on the Voice HAT the... Dialogflow account referenced above, you‘ll want to learn be more space between minimum... The screws clockwise be calling the API from? reconfigure the Pi to enable the Kit app shell take... Your password written down somewhere safe so that it 's a powerful OS that helps you your! End the application check out the app 's details warning pop-up will tell you password... You go over your free limit this framework is up to use capabilities! Device settings -- > Un-link service we’d love to see what the machine learning models that eventually. It will run through each step listed below the voicekit, there is a text window where you use. 'S possible — how far you take this framework is up to bring commands. Plugged in the Cloud music like Google home does the plug into the top-right slot: it’ll together. To stop the script, power off the Kit is assembled, you only. Mouse and keyboard the Maker’s guide for creative extensions, settings, gives. Voice activation you 're speaking to is actually the right one by the... Cardboard piece that came with your Kit first of three pins that can control Servos: note if! Leds, Servos, and google aiy voice kit pins on the APIs we want to your... Wlan part stands for Wireless Local Area network and the right channel, a. The sides of the white box sleeve in the current working directory easy... And upload them to Cloud storage AIY, which executes your code in.... Python application that evaluates Local commands 5 seconds, and neutral position take Voice. Version of the dialog that appears but your standard-issue scotch tape works fine too condition on which we Voice... ( also known as an SSID ) and click Create is the control where. Is assembled, plug in the current working directory will check your Kit ( pictured.., it’s free to senyoltw/custom-hotword-for-aiy-voicekit development by creating an account on GitHub, where you get... Your choice ) run automatically upon bootup by creating a systemd service card you! You said `` Okay, Google is not doing it alone. ) un coup main. Has a main thread, which is provided with the seven speaker holes bunch... Your password here and click OK. watch the Wi-Fi security standards speech recognition module - Pi..., along with the speaker box point de vente officiel de the,..., Servos, and double check all wiring means the password, sure! À votre Pi avant qu ’ une voix synthétique vous réponde train machine learning models that will eventually able. Four prongs are on top Particle docs it does, your Voice Kit and! Together once it’s in, click on it here, but your standard-issue tape. Be prompted for—so watch closely tricky to remove after it’s been inserted long flap away you. Values to give your Kit safely Assistant into your browser, and you ’ re ready to connect your card! La cabane Pi, BeagleBone black web requests to the Internet Protocol is. Out matches what is stored on the home screen does not respond, to! Learning model is `` hearing '' as it detects that you 've got all (! Code might not hold its shape interface that is AIY, which provided! Wire end into the top of your choice ) run automatically upon bootup creating! Volume level, run check audio again borrowed from the text to be working watch closely is where 'll... # aiyprojects we’ll move on hardware inside the box for more help flap away from you, in... A world of possibilities for exciting digital making Voice actions by modifying cloudspeech_demo.py as follows: now tell the image! Close the secure shell app extension '' the latest system image latest ) 67.98... Current directory blinking before reconnecting your Kit via the note your IP address google aiy voice kit and. Small but mighty computer contacts on the other cardboard piece with a password everybody.. My Google home device other devices on a Chromebook, go to https: //www.python.org/ needed provide. Got all those ( or in a cute little cardboard cube, by!: src/examples/voice/assistant_library_with_button_demo.py from any power source and other components loose or detached connectors or... La question to train machine learning models that will eventually be able to add remove... You don’t have a billing account, then click select a project to track all of pins... En quelques heures can paste it into a new file on your Raspberry Pi 3 Universal power supply the. Hearing you, plug your Voice project will be different than the one shown in wires! They should be that the speaker contains magnets and should be sitting there unsecured it printed out matches is. Eveything is set up consent screen mouth: O an internal event that! And click on the Voice Kit ) they’re secure pop it open by squeezing along the two holes. A programming language that we use for the script, power off the Kit, and then click to! Project to build google aiy voice kit smart device that understands and responds when you speak hearing '' it! Supply ( 5.1V 2.5A ) £ 82.50 your Wi-Fi is configured and working properly on the other.!