"    " + But hard as they tried the Sultans army could not break into the fort. Allaudin's ire was roused when he came to know of it. Durga Das sensed this and they smuggled Ajit Singh out of Delhi to the outskirts of the city. Chandel Dynasty is famous in the Indian History for the valiant king Vidyadhar who repulsed the attacks of Mehmood Gaznavi. All the trade routes were plundered by Rajputs and they started looting various treasuries of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Perhaps bloodied by these engagements, the Sultan did not attack Mewar for another ten years. @Nexus Many muslim rajputs even fought babur, ex, Raja Hassan Khan (who died on the battlefield). However, he had to return to Delhi unsuccessful.Jalaluddin was assassinated by his nephew Allaluddin Khilji who then crowned himself as the new Sultan of Delhi. //