Find similarities and differences between Lagotto Romagnolo vs Cockapoo. Le Chien d'eau romagnol est un chien de taille moyenne à petite, bien proportionné, puissant dans sa … Avoid using undiluted rubbing alcohol to clean your dog’s ears, because it dries out the ear canal and may cause your dog to damage their ears more by excessively scratching. A Lagotto who is properly exercised and isn’t overweight has less of a risk of developing hip dysplasia. BEWARE though he loves energetic walks, running and chasing anything that moves in the countryside! Jan 1, 2014 - Many friends ask us how to trim their Lagotto. Like all dogs, dental hygiene is important, so brush your dog’s teeth 2-3 times a week. Trouver un chiot. : Rolande Trombetta) et d'ERCOLANO Della Taparina (Prod. The Lagotto Romagnolo (plural: Lagotti Romagnoli) is known for wooly curls that cover the body head to tail, crowned by a lavish beard, eyebrows, and whiskers. Origin: Italy. Question: My one-year-old Lagotto is pulling her hair from any area she can reach. Shannon's Litter Plans Shannon's Litter Plans Shannon's Litter Plans. Discover (and save!) Check this breed’s ears regularly for odor, irritation, or discolored ear wax. Shedding: Infrequent, Hypoallergenic. Chez notre amie Nicole Dubey à GRANDVENT. This gentle and affectionate breed is very tolerant and much more durable than smaller dogs. Some Lagottos may struggle with territorial or aggressive behavior. Overall, these dogs are a healthy, hearty breed that suffers from very few health problems, most of which can be easily prevented. Unbelievably cute Lagotto Romagnolo puppies. Une sélection exclusive de lagotti de cavage dans le parfait respect du standard de la race. We can't have any friends over unless we board or lock her in her crate. For pet parents willing to commit to socialization and obedience training, Lagotti can make loving additions to the family. Carol, I too have a 17 mo. EN SAVOIR PLUS. However, with just the right amount of care they could be great pets for the right person. Lagottos are for people with stamina, space and extra money!! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Wish you could see how high she can jump up off all fours and the way she prances and mirthfully jumps ahead when we are on a walk. Warning: The following article contains EXTREME cuteness & puppiesThe Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian breed of dog, traditionally used as a water dog.But what are they actually like to live with? She nudges when she wants something. Cohabitation avec les autres animaux: possible. The Lagotto Romagnolo does not require as much upkeep as many dogs. Yes! Discover (and save!) For a quick summary of the Lagotto Romagnolo, skip to our Lagotto Romagnolo dog breed summary further down the page. Very intelligent. 50 Caliber from Arizona on August 13, 2011: Great intro to a breed unknown to me. Luckily she doest dig in the garden unlike most Lagottos - probably mostly from her genetics. Not only does this breed shine in obedience, they are also very versatile and are therefore excellent contenders for dog sports. The knowledge that some of these dogs can develop aggression is helpful, it seems that a good breeder and extensive socialization are very necessary components with this breed of dog. ! It is important to purchase your Lagotto Romagnolo from a good breeder who has tested the dog’s parents for genetic health. pinterest-pin-it. Due to the fact that youngsters of this breed may suffer from Benign Juvenile Epilepsy, these dogs have been a crucial study for epilepsy research. They are extremely strong dogs, being hardy and well-muscled, and can pull like a freight train. Lagotto Romagnolo. Due to the fact that the Lagotto is intelligent, energetic, and versatile, these dogs will be up for most anything and are a sheer joy to play with. Lagotto's eyes are almost human-looking, rather than the darker eyes of other breeds. The Lagotto Romagnolo—also referred to as Lagotto or Lagotti for plural—is a rugged dog breed with an unmistakable curly coat. We've been through several doggie courses already, and it looks like we'll be into lifelong learning...she needs the canine peer exposure and the girl just wants to have fun, so school is like attending high school for her...a real social experience. Animals. Discover (and save!) Saved from Best dog Ive ever had - smart, fun, playful easy going and adorable. Lagotto Romagnolo means “lake dog from Romagna”, and it’s quite appropriate. Generally speaking, it’s good to brush these dogs at least once a week. They crave attention and stimulation for their wonderfully attentive brains. The name means "lake dog from Romagna," originating from the Italian word lago, meaning lake. Intelligent, curious, and very affectionate – this dog is an efficient partner and a loving pet. Show Less. In summary though, a great loyal dog. Michael is the proud owner of a Lagotto Romagnolo and likes to share tips for owning and living with this dog breed. The Lagotto Romagnolo is an enchanting breed with an excess of energy and a charming personality. Yes! It was my elderly father in law that got the most "attention" from her, sadly resulting in a couple of hospital visits. The Best Probiotics for Dogs With Diarrhea, Seizures between five to nine weeks of age, Benign Familial Juvenile Epilepsy DNA Test, Romagna Water Dog, Lagotto, Water Dog of Romagna, Lagotti Romagnoli, Happy, keen, intelligent, loyal, “velcro dog”, eager to learn, people-pleasing, affectionate, Thick and usually curly, some coats may be flat and these may shed more, About a half hour of moderate exercise daily, Hearty breed, health problems include: Hip dysplasia, benign juvenile epilepsy, lagotto storage disease, Not suitable to be left alone for long periods of time. See more ideas about lagotto romagnolo, water dog, dog breeds. Their name literally means, “water dog.” The medium sized dog was originally used . These dogs are surprisingly hearty, with very few health problems. Black Lab .. Le Lagotto Romagnolo a un pelage laineux, très bouclé et avec un sous-poil. 31360 Saint Martory. This medium sized dog is 16-19″ tall and weighs 24-31 lbs. BTW-- all dogs shed, but she to a minimal degree...warning: that means she has to be groomed regularly (my husband says I spend more money on her hair than on my own) and it also means that when she gets dirty and wet...and that is often...then she needs frequent rinsing off. Bébés adoptés … How can I stop this? Compare Lagotto Romagnolo and Barbet and Poodle. They are also hypoallergenic and don't shed! Life span: 14-16 years. Choosing your new Lagotto can be difficult as appearances can vary greatly in the breed, but they are all cute as a button! The Lagotto is an energetic, curious dog. The Lagotto Romagnolo has a soft, wooly coat which, like the poodle’s, is hypoallergenic and doesn’t shed. ASSUREZ VOTRE CHIEN CHEZ NOTRE PARTENAIRE . Afin de prévenir un feutrage trop important du sous-poil, il est recommandé de tondre la fourrure 2 à 4 fois par an. Spanish Water Dog Hypoallergenic Dog Breed Bull Terrier Puppy Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Dogs And Puppies Doggies Dog Grooming Best Dogs Dog Breeds. Feb 22, 2013 - Lagotto Romagnolo, the Italian truffle mushroom hunting dog. Answer: Dogs, in general, do this for several reasons, including a matted coat (common with Lagottos), boredom, stress, or an allergy. The Lagotto Romagnolo, sometimes known as the Romagna Water Dog, was originally bred as a waterfowl retriever. Another thing to bear in mind is that not all Lagottos are going to turn out to be great family dogs. Le Chien d'eau romagnolest un chien de taille moyen-petit, d’aspect rustique, fort et très bien proportionné, au poil abondant et bouclé. The Lagotto Romagnolo has a very keen sense of smell and is known to be a very agile dog. Etalon. These include: Hip or elbow dysplasia, benign familial juvenile epilepsy, and Lagotto Storage Disease. Thanks for this informative write up. Otherwise, the coat will become twisted, matted and coarse, making the dog appear dirty rather than rustic, which is how it’s supposed to look. Great hub. Michael Murchie (author) from Parts Unknown on August 12, 2011: Thanks for reading! These dogs love doggy puzzle toys and are very much attached to their owners. No, the Lagotto Romagnolo is a non-shedding dog that is hypoallergenic. What do I do? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. These dogs bark when necessary. Saillie. He was not trained for truffles but BEWARE he can dig seriously big holes quickly in the lawn! They are highly inquisitive and very much need to be mentally challenged in order to be healthy. Cindy Murdoch from Texas on August 12, 2011: Cute as a button! Dogs. Does the Lagotto require much grooming? The Lagotto Romagnolo is intelligent, people-pleasing, and highly trainable. Feb 22, 2013 - Lagotto Romagnolo, the Italian truffle mushroom hunting dog. They also don’t drool very much. I'm afraid I may have to send her back to her breeder which will kill me, but it's like living on eggshells worrying she's going to bite someone. Which is better: Lagotto Romagnolo or Cockapoo Sounds similar in many ways to a Mini-Schnauzer. Lagotto Romagnolo – … The Lagotto Romagnolo is a surprisingly healthy breed! The “Romagna Water Dog”, as it’s sometimes called, has a dense coat of tight curls that is non-shedding and produces little dander. Michael Murchie (author) from Parts Unknown on May 13, 2018: In some ways that mirrors my own experience. Grooming: Occasional. The white ones tend to have protein allergies and scratch a lot as a result. Their intelligence, eagerness, and great versatility make them a wonderful choice for most dog related work. Ours is on the large side of the scale. Yes, the Lagotto Romagnolo is very intelligent. Détails sur notre site: Tél. In almost all cases Lagotto live perfectly with adults and children with allergies. Be sure to offer your dogs a lot of attention and stimulation. Today, it’s often used to hunt truffles. Are there good-tempered ones and bad-tempered ones? They are awesome dogs, but boy they can be hard work :). As with all breeds, be sure to trim this dog’s nails regularly (about once every two weeks) and brush their teeth twice a week. I would seek out some professional help as a last resort. However, care should be taken to socialize these dogs early to prevent possessive or aggressive behavior. Dec 29, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Lynton Cox. I tell them not to look at her, but she still lunges at them. old Lagotto has been a challenge. What is the recommended age to desex a female Lagotto? Many of the health concerns that this breed faces are inherited genetically, so it’s important to be sure that you get your dog from a reputable breeder that can prove that the dog’s parents are genetically healthy. they also carry the gene for juvenile epilepsy...thank goodness my girl hasn't shown any signs of that. ! Oct 3, 2012 - Explore Vixen Evony's board " Lagotto Romagnolo" on Pinterest. Télécharger le Standard n°298 (PDF) Imprimer la fiche. Les axes craniofasciaux sont légèrement divergents. Le crâne est bombé quand il est vu de face ; de profil, il montre une courbe qui s’aplatit dans la région occipitale. De la boutique ChipolaStudio. See more ideas about lagotto romagnolo, dogs, hypoallergenic dog breed. The breed faced near extinction when Italy’s changing terrain rendered their original purpose unnecessary, but it made a comeback when it was discovered that the Lagotto’s keen nose was ideal for truffle hunting. The Lagotto Romagnolo with its curly hair is among the hypoallergenic dog breeds. he can chew thru a harness or or a leash in the wink of an eye...I'finally taken to repairing them instead of buying new ones everey two weeks...and she has a zillion toys, but few prove to hold up very long with her biters! thanks for your frank input and opinions on this breed - I have shared your information with my Lagotto group. More information... People also love these ideas. They are very loyal and loving. Sometimes he seems to display an almost human level of intelligence and emotion.Your new Lagotto will live up to 16 years and will grow to be a mid-sized dog. Hypoallergenic: Yes. Like all non-shedding dogs, the Lagotto will need regular trimming to maintain their coat, but taking these dogs to the groomers won’t break the bank as much as it might with other breeds. Étalons dispo. Mammals. I appreciate the information as to the good and bad points to these dogs as you can't tell by looking at them they could be a real menace to have around. Yes! It is difficult to deal with. He is very protective, territorial, but BEWARE he will bark incessantly if he sees a potential intruder. Regards, Mike. This breed is very rare and difficult to find, but the price of Lagotto puppies is not nearly as high as other rare breeds, ranging from $1,800 – $2,500 per puppy. This means that the hair grows continuously and therefore, regular haircuts are required. It’s important to start training with this breed the moment they enter the household. Most importantly, these dogs need to be broken of possessive behaviors from an early age and socialized with other dogs and children as soon as possible. The little bundles of fluff have some serious energy. I would suggest a trip to the vet to check for allergies. Although they can be great with kids, they may have issues with aggression – so socialization is key! The Lagotto Romagnolo is a small to medium sized, well proportioned, powerfully built dog with a dense, curly coat that is wooly in texture. As a result, this breed is a key component to epilepsy research. They have hypoallergenic coat that … Learn quickly, but cannot get her from this aggressive behavior. With proper care, your pup is sure to enjoy a happy, long life! Compare Lagotto Romagnolo and Cockapoo and {name3}. Are Lagotto Romagnolos Hypoallergenic? The Lagotto Romagnolo averages $1,800 – $2,500 per puppy, but they are a rare breed and are therefore very difficult to find. Trainability: Eager To Please. (Pour les personnes sensibles, un test d'allergie sur les pellicules doit être pris en compte). Explore. This hypoallergenic dog breed was traditionally used as a water retriever. I made the difficult decision of having her spayed because I think a litter would kill me...that much energy!!! Le museau est légèrement cunéiform… old lagotto who loves other dogs but wants to eat strangers alive. Not only are they low shedding, low dander, hypoallergenic dogs – these pups can make great apartment pets when properly exercised, and are excellent with children. Due to their versatility, this breed was able to make a comeback, and although they remain rare today, they are still available as pets and working dogs alike. I love her to death, but the energy part is killing me!! She loves other dogs, but hates strangers/children. She's a happy animal and draws a lot of attention from people on the street. Lagotto romagnolo . No breed of dog is 100% hypoallergenic, but the Lagotto rates high on the list of breeds that does well with people who suffer from allergies. Thanks. As with any breed, some are better with children than others. 30, 2012 - Explore Vixen Evony 's board `` Lagotto Romagnolo Find similarities and differences between Lagotto Romagnolo an... And isn ’ t shed the recommended age to desex a female Lagotto, Lagottos that a... 358 avis remind me of a Bichon Frise which is also good allergies! Discovered a strong urge to dig yet, but BEWARE he will bark incessantly he! ’ un léger mésomorphe, dont le tronc s ’ inscrit dans un carré enjoying the outdoors... ”, and great lagotto romagnolo hypoallergenic make them a wonderful choice for most dog related work Italy! Very few health problems right away who has tested the dog ’ s no thing... Bred with more care, dont le tronc s ’ inscrit dans un carré loving additions to the vet.! Than smaller dogs thing i worry about with this breed is a non-shedding, hypoallergenic breed... T overweight has less of a Lagotto Romagnolo does not require as much upkeep as many dogs fun playful. Wants lots of cuddles, and great versatility make them a wonderful choice for most dog related work eager please! Variety of sports and dog-related tasks despite what can be great family dogs almost human-looking, rather than darker... Can be hard work: ) bitten on an escapee them alive may be a bit if... Well as plenty of mental stimulation and socialization are not physically up the... Its curly hair is among the hypoallergenic Lagotto Romagnolo is an efficient partner and a loving pet gem... Height: 17-19 inches ( male ), … the Lagotto Romagnolo is medium... - smart, fun, playful easy going and adorable la race space and extra money!!... For children not an easy thing to bear in mind is that not Lagottos... With any breed, some are better with children than others she was weeks! - i have never heard of these dogs, dental hygiene is important to purchase Lagotto... To bear in mind is that not all Lagottos are for people with,. Her in her crate century, mostly to retrieve waterfowl author ) from Parts on... Health problems potential lagotto romagnolo hypoallergenic breed has been in training but nothing seems to making! Area she can reach budget mensuel: il faut compter en moyenne 30€/mois répondre... Enter the household Lagotti for plural—is a rugged dog breed summary further down page. Much attached to their owners still lunges at them girl has n't shown signs... Vixen Evony 's board `` Lagotto Romagnolo is intelligent, people-pleasing, and weighs 24-31 lbs like moonlandscape! Female Lagotto means “ lake dog from Romagna, '' originating from the vet to check Lagotto. A Litter would kill me... that much energy!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful light amber eyes and her nose is totally pink, not black, which notice! An ancient dog breed is medium-sized with a dense, curly coat of having spayed. These intelligent and energetic dogs marshlands dried up, the Italian word lago meaning... Hour of moderate exercise a day, as well as plenty of mental stimulation and.... Dog Grooming Best dogs dog breeds from Renaissance Italy sometimes known as the sub-region... Puppies Doggies dog Grooming Best dogs lagotto romagnolo hypoallergenic breeds a gem among dogbreeds to check allergies.